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Mt Ossa Tasmania
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We offer a range of hiking activities throughout Australia to suit varying levels of fitness and desired adventure.

Be it wandering snow capped peaks, ascending Victoria's tallest mountains or exploring ancient forests we tailor each program to suit the needs and capabilites of our participants.

[ our oz hikes - intermediate ]

High Lead
Step back in time and explore many remnants of old trestle bridges as we descend to the creeks they once spanned, a leisurely hike through historic Powelltown.

Cathedral Ranges
Cathedral Range State Park features a rugged, rocky ridge approximately 7km long, this spectacular hike is at times strenuous but always exhilarating of the 3,577 hectare State Park.

Alpine Hikes - Mt Baw Baw
Whilst the pristine beauty of the snow is quite awe-inspiring, Melbourne's closest Alpine Snow resort is also a magical place for hiking outside the ski season.


[ more challenging ]

Mt Bogong
This 5 day hike covers 60km of unsurpassed views and the thrill of climbing Victorias' Highest Peak: Mt Bogong (1986m) and is a challenging journey requiring prior experience on one of our hiking activities, or personal bushwalking experience of your own.

Cattlemen of our pioneering past built huts in the High Country to protect themselves from sudden ferocious storms. We still enjoy where possible these rustic and rugged shelters.

Cradle Mountain Tasmania
Tasmania features some of Australia's most unbelievable and fascinating scenery - all very much detached from the mainland.

The track itself encompasses Tasmania's highest peak - Mt Ossa, isolated lakes set amongst canopied gums and the mighty Acropolis -an array of jagged, cylindrical towering stone pillars set into and forming a challenging mountain primed for the climbing.

Added to which we have the many views, natural wonders and sturdy, yet rustic shelters which make for a memorable, unique hiking experience.

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